Student Visa inquiry Form 

Study in Australia

 Wealth Australia Migration being a South Australia based company students find that the company has a local knowledge about South Australia and offer extensive support throughout their time in Australia. 

Student visa subclass 500

  • Independent ELICOS  - English Language courses
  • Schools Sector
  • Vocational Education and Training  - Certificate Levels & Diplomas
  • Higher Education  -  University Degrees
  • Postgraduate Research 
  • Non-award 
  • Foreign Affairs or Defence 


Visa application Process of Student Visa

The process will vary as per the Assessment Level of the student:

Admission form to the relevant Education Institute
Receive Letter of Offer and Invoice from the education provider
Pay the course fees to the relevant Education institute
Receive an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) and receipt of payment
Student Visa application form
Submit Visa application form along with all documents as requested

What are your obligations as a student?

There are several conditions of Australian Student Visas

  •      Student can work  40 hours per fortnight
  •     Work as many hours as you can during the school holidays
  •     Not permitted to start working before your course started
  •     Students must maintain good attendance and academic records at the Education  institute
  •     Student should have a health insurance during the stay in Australia.