Australia is a great place to live and work. A range of temporary and permanent visas are available as per your eligibility criteria

Wealth Australia Migration assists you to find the most suitable Australian visa to meet your specific circumstances

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 General Skill  Migration

 The purpose of the General skilled migration programm is to attract highly skilled people to Australia.   To meet  the criteria you need to be highly skilled in your occupation.GSM visas are subject to points tested and there are three categories open according to your circumstances

You must be able to satisfy the following requirements

    Skilled Assessment

    Expression of Interest (EOI)

   Age under 45 years

   English Language

Employer Nomination

ENS scheme allows employers to nominate foreign workers to fill the Australian vacancies

in their business.The permanent Employer Sponsored Programm consists of two schemes.

       Employer Nomination  Scheme ( ENS)

       Regional Sponsored Migration  Scheme (RSMS)

Temporary work  Skilled visa

There are many  visa classes available to meet your requirement. The most popular category is subclass 482. 


Business Visa

The business innovation and investment progeamm is designed to increase the business expertise in Australia. The programm welcomes talented business migrants to make a significant contribution to the Australian economy

Student Visa

The student visas are temporary visas that allow you to come to Australia for specified period to study at the Australian educational institute.There are several classes of student visas to match your requirement.

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Partner Visa

Partner visa  allows you to come to the Australia if you are in a relationship with Australian permanent  resident  or Australian citizen.

Visitor  Visa

Visitor visa allows you to come to the Australia, if you are visiting Australia for holidays, tourism , business

activities or to see family and friends.